An American Dream ReDiscovered

Whats Really Going On?

HEALTH, WEALTH AND EQUALITY Is necessary and intertwined for the United States of Americans to grow and  progress as a nation united. As children we were always taught to dream how we want our future to be. Some of us wanted to be a police officer or a fire fighter; others wanted to be school teachers, doctors and nurses. We even pretended to act out those occupations as children with our family and friends. Those dreams we had back then were our version of the American dream. What happened to that dream? Where did we go wrong? How did our dreams become almost impossible to accomplish? Why does our great nation continue to be so divided? Why do we hate each other for no reason?

Our Health is running out. Food that is supposed to be healthy is becoming more toxic, medical care, medication, and medical coverage is sky rocketing out of control, all the while our country’s leadership is trying to take it away from us. Our Wealth is being sucked away from our banks and savings, with the rising cost of goods and services, inflation, taxes, the ever increasing cost of our day to day living expenses (such as school and child care.) Equality is a word that is used in vain these days because it almost does not exist! Thomas Jefferson stated in the declaration of Independence “it is the people’s inalienable right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” A right that seems to be stripped away from the American people EVERYDAY and that AIN'T RIGHT!! 

America is the leader of the free world but we must start leading by example! It is time we pull our country together and move forward as a single and inseparable unit. We deserve HEALTH, WEALTH, and EQUALITY! We must recreate the American Dream for ourselves, teach our children what it means to have and live an American Dream. Teach our children the dreams of our forefathers and how we can accomplish that dream. We need a leader who is not afraid to fight for our HEALTH, WEALTH, and EQUALITY! Because there is no future if there is no people and WE ARE THE VISION FOR THE FUTURE!   

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