Protecting Our Middle Class

  Tons of Middle Class families in America are struggling to make ends meet. With the ever-increasing cost of living in America and the constant drain on our bank accounts due to taxes, inflation and simple necessities such as child care, I am amazed at the resilience of the middle and lower class. This should be a time where companies, workers and politicians should be working together to grow the U.S. economy, and take care of its workers, creating more jobs and safe workplaces. Instead the life blood of our economy which is the Middle and lower class, is being sucked dry by the corporations that we need to survive. Some of us are working in cities that we can’t afford to live, companies we can’t afford to shop, hospitals we can’t afford to be sick at! The only thing people are thinking is “when is someone going to look out for us?” It is time that the middle class is shown the appreciation and respect that we deserve by making sure all middle and lower-class families are protected! A little bit more money in the bank will not only boost our economy but also allow the middle class some breathing room from the pay check to pay check life style.  

Caring For Our Senior Citizens

  Our Senior Citizens are the most important part of our society. For years they have taken care of us and this great nation and now it’s time for us to ensure they have everything they want in retirement. Because of a propensity for illness, disability, and lack of employment, the elderly are faced with unique civil rights challenges so we must take progressive steps to ensure that our seniors have adequate and affordable health care, access to medication and medical services, quality living facilities, as well as protect the wealth they have acquired throughout their life. We must recognize that many of our seniors are on a fixed income, We must have in place legislation to prevent savings and retirement funds from being drained by taxes and inflation. Our Senior Citizens deserve the best tax breaks and reduced prices for medical expenses and care.

Serve Our Veterans

Veterans have been the protectors of America since this country has been in existence. In 2016, 20.9 million men and women were veterans, accounting for about 9 percent of the civilian non-institutional population age 18 and over. That is 20.9 million Veterans that not only need jobs, but jobs where companies can utilize the experience and knowledge of Vets to give these companies that boost of innovation and leadership needed to take companies to the next level. Our goal is to provide exactly that.  Another issue plaguing Veterans is the amount of time it takes for Veterans to receive the health care, treatment and benefits they need after separating from active duty. We can not ignore the fact that most Vets who separate from the Military still have the same issues they had when they were active duty. Problems just don’t magically go away just because you transition from one phase in your life to another. Our Veterans are hero’s and we need to ensure they are taken care of! We will make sure the VA centers are well staffed and available to assist our Veterans in receiving the benefits they have earned through service to this country in a timely manner. It is time to show our Hero’s we appreciate their service to this country by providing them and their families with the service needed to ensure they are properly taken care of and acclimated back into the civilian life.   

Building Wealth For Americans

  Many middle-class families are living pay check to pay check. Most of us are working in cities we can’t afford to live in, working jobs we can’t afford to shop at, working at hospitals we can’t afford to be sick at! Inflation is out growing the wage in America. Wages in America must increase to keep up with the cost of inflation and taxes if we expect to keep our country alive. “Just in time” CAN NOT be the phrase of the middle class, especially when we have people who are more than qualified to work the jobs that are being out sourced to other countries. Corporate profits (as a fraction of GDP) are at an all-time high while wages are at an all-time low. We are seeing a re-segregation of communities not solely based on race, but by the income levels of families in certain areas of the country. The effect of low income and soaring inflation directly impacts the economy. (Have you ever tried to spend no money?)  We must preserve the middle class by distributing wealth throughout the middle class, ensure major corporations are paying employees their fair share according to the fiscal years revenue along with driving down inflation in our country.  

Mutually Beneficial Tax Policies

Taxes in America has always eaten away at the wealth of not only corporations but of middle and lower class families. We are in the process of developing a tax plan that will mutually benefit all Americans and its corporations. Without going into detail our tax plan must take into consideration that families that has a lower income can not afford to pay the same amount in taxes as families that have a considerable amount of wealth. Our tax strategy will be divided into three separate and distinct categories identified as "Retired" which will receive the greatest tax benefits. "Work Force" which will be marginalized, and deductions will be based on the amount of government subsidies each family uses. And "Corporate" (to include small businesses of any kind) that will be provide tax breaks and benefits as well as penalties to streamline the way corporations are conducting business home and abroad. This tax plan is being created to ensure all Americans and corporations are doing their part to ensure the growth of the American economy, chart a path to relinquish themselves from government dependency, and take personal responsibility for their future.

Health Care And Insurance

Health care and insurance should be a staple in our country. All Americans should have access to quality affordable health care insurance and personal insurance. The most important thing a person can protect is themselves and their family. By 2019 roughly 30 millions Americans will be without coverage. Protecting Medicare and Medicaid from extreme proposals that reduce long-term care coverage and drives up premiums are paramount. Preserve and strengthen Medicare through financial solvency without substantial new costs on beneficiaries or damaging structural changes; expanded choices of high-quality health plans and delivery systems; new preventive benefits; and new protections against fraud and abuse. Improve access to home and community-based care and protecting nursing home coverage under Medicaid and ensure private long-term-care insurance standards to protect consumers against substandard policies and unacceptable insurance practices. Our will to protect the American people will ensure that all Americans have access to affordable, high-quality, and reliable health care.   

Strong Military

Being a Veteran I understand our armed forces must have the capacity to dominate on any multi-front. Our military is simply stretched too thin to protect American interests overseas and at home in these dangerous times. The United States of America must be able to continuously display Sea, Air, Land, and Space superiority at all times. Our military will be equipped with the most advance technology in every aspect of power projection and warfare. A well-appointed military staff improves diplomacy with adversaries, strengthens our alliances, signals credibility and resolve, deters aggression, and enhances national morale. Because we face a variety of threats from aggression, terrorism, and to overt intimidation, our response must be clear and understandable and our actions must be swift and precise. 

Along with building a strong military we must not forget the men and women who volunteer their service to this great country. We will ensure our service members and their families are well taken care of financially, spiritually, medically and mentally to mitigate common issues and ensure our forces are deployable at a moments notice. 

International Relationships

America is the leader of the free world and as the leader, we must lead by example. We must set the standard for all countries to follow. Before resulting to war we must approach every foreign situation with diplomacy. It is imperative we rebuild strong relationships with our current allies and create new working relationships with countries who are willing to be diplomatic and fall in line with a more progressive and peaceful union. 

We will work hand in hand with our allies and other nations to create a welcoming environment for immigrants seeking refuge while taking extreme measure to rout terrorist and extremist, who wish to do harm. 

We will work with other countries to find cures for diseases, advances in technologies, clean energy advances and make strides to invoke free trade and unity among all countries who agree to be apart of a new progressive world. 

Protecting Our Planet

  Because of the progress we made during the Obama Administration, we now have cleaner, safer air and water. We must continue to progress in this direction because there are a lot of Americans who still breathe dangerous air and drink unsafe water. This Administration will continue to push for environmental safety, to preserve our planet for years to come. We are committed to making common-sense decisions concerning the health of our earth and work with other nations to implement safeguards for our families’ food, water, and air by providing international leadership to progress towards clean energy. Issuing a “Pollution Disclosure” Executive Order requiring industries to disclose information about toxic releases to their neighbors and nearly doubling the number of chemicals that industries must report. Signing legislation to strengthen safeguards for pesticides in food, with special protections for children. Ensuring we have procedures in place to prevent toxins and pollutions from entering our drinking water supplies, lakes and rivers. Protecting the environment will strengthen and expand our economy and create more jobs. We will all progress in a cleaner, healthier environment. The Collins Administration will implement newer technology programs to ensure businesses compete in the growing global market while creating jobs for our workers. We will continue to support policies that protect our health and natural resources work with state and community leaders and businesses to find better ways to protect our natural resources, provide economic opportunities and making common-sense reforms.  

Better Education

Our challenge is to provide Americans with the educational opportunities we need to progress us in the technology age. A better education system will provide Americans with the skills and training they need to get better jobs, become business owners and earn higher income. We need an education system that will make America competitive by ensuring that students are receiving valuable education, training and financial literacy needed to compete and succeed. We will ensure our school system and educators are equipped with the tools needed to equip our students for success.  The Collins Administration will ensure there is a well-funded budget for the public and private school system and afford young people the opportunity to earn money for college by serving their communities and their country. Broaden educational, career, and economic opportunities for students not immediately bound for four-year college. We will reform the student loan program, making college more affordable for millions of students by providing them with access to flexible repayment options with lower interest rates, increasing grants and scholarships. Develop educational strategies for improvement based on raising academic standards, improving teaching, increasing parental involvement and expanding the use of technology in the classroom and moving away from standardized testing. We will give schools greater flexibility to use federal aid and develop effective teaching innovations to help students achieve limits beyond their full potential because there is no greater investment than investing in our future.   

We are the Vision for the Future!