About Joe E. Collins III


Joe E. Collins III, A father and a son, a brother and a cousin, an uncle, and a nephew. Born November 20th, 1985 in South Central Los Angeles California. Although spending most of his childhood growing up in church, there was no escaping the gang violence that surrounded the inner cities of Los Angeles. His mother decided in 2000 that it was time for a change of scenery and moved their family to Texas. 

Joe has always had a passion to serve others and make an impact in his community which influenced his childhood nickname "G.I. Joe." His selflessness propelled him into a career of active duty service in August of 2004 where he served 13 successful years in the United States Navy as an Aviation Machinist Mate. He has worked and trained thousands of Sailors on many types of aircraft such as; the F18 Super Hornet, E6 Mercury, and the MH60 Seahawk. In his service to his country, Mr. Collins has toured many countries, observing the traditions and cultures of unique nations. As a Sailor in the U.S. Navy he also served during the successful campaign, “Operation Iraqi Freedom” in 2008 as well as a successful stint of recruiting duty where he received numerous honors and awards as well as the pleasure of jumpstarting the careers of many of our young American leaders of today by way of active duty military service. But this was not enough. Joe felt he needed to do more for his fellow Americans and his community. Joe then became a member of many charity and volunteer organizations to donate his time, money and talents to anyone who needed them. He began with organizations that fed and donated clothes to our homeless brothers and sisters, city beach and park cleanups, mentoring children and young adults, coaching, attending city council meetings and gatherings, in hope of creating a change for our future generations. 

Joe E. Collins III has made the choice from very young age to protect this country from all enemies, foreign and domestic, to uphold the Constitution and promote fair treatment, equality, and respect for all persons who reside in our great country. America deserves a leader who will fight for its people's freedom and democracy! Someone who has already proved his loyalty to this country and it's people. It's time America had a true American hero who can bring back that hope and rediscover what it means to have that American Dream we heard so many stories about. It is time we had an America where everyone can have Health, Wealth and Equality! I am Joe E. Collins III and I am running for President of the United States!

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